Bio: Teenager. Student. Devours books. Loves to eat. The color purple is a way of life. Black is love, black is sadness, black is joy; the color black is a philosophy in itself. Wears glasses. Is ‘plus-size’. Has four siblings. Is the youngest. Has occasional bouts of hysteria. Throws objects. Yells. Obsessively follows Hollywood TV series/films/celebrities. Writes. Wants to be a journalist. Works on oDesk. Sketches. Designs jewelry. Rock is music, passion, lesson, story, moral. Linkin Park is immortal. Florence and the Machine were sent from God. Muse is my muse. Does not believe in 'love at first sight'. Boyfriends are over-rated. Has never had one. Boys are better friends than girls. Is a born Muslim. Does not observe hijab. Has a philosophical and logical view on religion. Is a feminist. Wants to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Does not tolerate people with loose characters. Hates liars. Thinks of pride as a good thing. Self-respect is the key to happiness. Thinks men are worthless (all except daddy and brother). Women are jealous. Women are selfish. Women are the sole oppressors of other women. Her name will one day be known all over the world, that is her promise...

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